Every situation in life is an opportunity to do something of significance and to leave a lasting impact, and that all revolves around OTHER people. We choose to ELEVATE ourselves and those around no matter what situation in life we are at. Doing what MATTERS!!

Literally, we will “Lift” jeeps, but we hope to “elevate” people’s lives as well. Perhaps that is through drives or events, or just the joy of owning an awesome jeep. Every person that comes through our door; every person who sees us driving (yikes); every person who can off road and see the splendor of nature; is an opportunity to demonstrate that purpose.

Lasting memories is what we are all about at Elevation Jeeps. Whether going to the mall, dropping your kids off at 4 different after school activities, or taking your ride on some serious trail rides, it is all about creating moments and capitalizing on the time we have with the ones we care about. Doing it in a Jeep just enhances those opportunities. If you own a Jeep already, you know exactly what I mean. If you do not, we hope that at some point you will open yourself up to the idea of owning a Jeep.

Moments matter….time is a very elusive thing these days and 2020 has thrown a few “sucker punches” in as well. We encourage everyone; our clients and non-clients, to seize any opportunity to have an adventure, or to do something epic, make a memory or enjoy the “fresh” Houston air! Time does not have to be fleeting or elusive when you make it count.

Just a few thoughts to ponder. Get out and “Drive The Experience!”



We are Custom

“Elevation Jeeps exists for the thrill seeker, adventurer and Jeep enthusiast who desires a community to share their love for the Jeep lifestyle. From the highway to the off-road trails, owning a Jeep is a unique experience in itself, and we want our guests to always, “Drive the Experience”.

With an endless variety of customizable options, our one-stop-shop not only has new and used Jeeps for sale, but also the highest quality parts to make any build come to life. Only the best brands and products are promoted to ensure quality is at the center of our builds.

With our top of the range selection of Elevation Jeeps parts, ranging from bumpers, side steps and light bar configurations, we take the hassle out of choosing which parts suit your needs best and present you with the top options to fulfill your build vision.


We are Quality Driven

We place quality, integrity and transparency at the heart of everything we do. Whether purchasing a new vehicle or modifying your existing Jeep, here at Elevation Jeeps we do it right. We guarantee our clients are 100% satisfied with our product from start to finish.


We Live the Jeep Lifestyle

Our community consists of individuals who all share a love for the adventurous and thrilling journey of the “Jeep Lifestyle”. This culture permeates through everything we do and is the desired outcome of every build – Driving the Jeep and having Experiences.

Through the many customizable features which can be added to personalize the Jeep to you, our clients know they are unique and that no other vehicle on the road matches theirs. These modifications serve as the conduit to living the Jeep Lifestyle and finding new adventures.